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Race Gas Racing Fuel Concentrate 105 Octane.

Branded Gas Stations. SMALL Engine Fuels/Lubricants. Additives. R/C Hobby Fuels. Specialty Products/Chemicals. Latest News. Stay up to date with news and discounts. Contact. P.O Box 47878; San Antonio, Texas; PHONE 210 635-7744; FAX 210 635-7999; Contact Page; Find A Dealer. Search for dealers; Become a dealer; MORE. About VP; News; Careers; Shop. Racing Fuels; Small Engine. This professional, race gas octane booster can increase your octane rating to as high as 116. $29.95 USD. Our pick for the best race gas octane booster is the BOOSTane Professional Octane Booster. This booster can be used in conjunction with the BOOSTane Smartphone app, which allows you to customize your fuel for a precise engine tune. As well as helping to increase your fuel’s octane rating. Kaufen Sie RaceGas Race-Gas Race Fuel Concentrate 100 to 105 Octane by im Auto & Motorrad-Shop auf. Große Auswahl und Gratis Lieferung durch Amazon ab 29€. Torco Accelerator is not just another octane booster, it's a race fuel concentrate. This fuel additive will boost Your pump gas octane up to 14 points.

Race Gas saw a need for a better race fuel concentrated additive, so they worked with chemist's to formulate the perfect race fuel blend. Laboratory testing proved results as good as racing with regularly distilled 100 octane gasoline. Race Gas adds back in key elements of racing fuel to regular pump gas such as hydrocarbons, oxygenates, and. The octane rating of gasoline is measured in a test engine and is defined by comparison with the mixture of 2,2,4-trimethylpentane iso-octane and heptane that would have the same anti-knocking capacity as the fuel under test: the percentage, by volume, of 2,2,4-trimethylpentane in that mixture is the octane number of the fuel.

Race fuel has a much higher octane than pump gas because those engines have higher compression ratios. Most new cars today can run on regular 87 octane because those engines are designed for that kind of fuel. Race cars, however, tend to have higher compression ratios so they thrive on the higher octane fuels. Leaded vs. Unleaded. What makes Race Gas race fuel concentrate unique is their patent-pending recipe of these compounds. Two ounces will raise the octane of one gallon of gasoline four full octane numbers. No matter what type of fuel you're using or what octane you desire, this Race Gas race fuel concentrate will help you achieve the blend for your engine's off-road needs. Dragon Racing Fuels offers a complete line of race fuels for drag racing, sprint cars, motorcross, supercross and marine performance arena. In addition, Dragon Racing Fuels has introduced 3 new state of the art formulations with superior performance for the motorcycle market. It's been more than 10 years since I started this page. I began compiling race fuel at the pump locations for a car that used exclusively 100 octane UNLEADED fuel. I found there were a LOT of other people out there who preferred to run 100 octane in their special street machines, motorcycles, or off-road vehicles.

17.04.2018 · The only downside to this is that the fuel only comes in 88 octane in my area. I’ll combat this by adding octane boost to the fuel. I’ll combat this by adding octane boost to the fuel. An octane "point" is 1/10th of an Octane. For example, if the can said it would raise your octane 7 points, that meant it would take 91.0 octane gas to 91.7 octane. Not any more. Race Gas® has the true fuel hydrocarbons, oxygenates and organometallic compounds in a concentrate to increase your pump gas by whole octane points. Now you can. How Do Octane Boosters Work? Before we get into the best octane booster for you on the market right now, let’s talk about how these products work and what their advantages are. They are designed to increase the amount of octane gas in your vehicle at certain points when your driving to enhance the overall performance of your vehicle. In. Ford 302 111 Octane Racing Fuel VS 93 Octane4 oz Race-Gas Concentrate / Gallon Speed RPM 4000 to 7000 0 Measure Names 450 RGC HP RGC Torque 111 Torque 400 111 HP 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 o o co o co 0 TO 0 0 0 ' 0' 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 r 0 CD 0 0 0 CD 0 CD 0 0 o o 0 0 0 CD 0 0 CD CD 0 CD 0 0 CD CD CD CD 0 CD 0 0 0 0 0 CD.

  1. Using 91 octane pump gasRACE GAS, you can make for example 100 octane racing fuel for about $6.50/gal vs. tradition racing fuel at $8 to $15/gal! We never leave for the track without a few cans of RACE GAS, knowing we can blend to precisely the octane requirements for each race car no matter where we are. And we don't have to make room for.
  2. RACE GAS ULTRA Racing Fuel Concentrate. Free Shipping. REAL HIGH-OCTANE RACING FUEL. RACE GAS ULTRA takes premium pump gasoline and transforms it into very-high-octane, high energy, professional grade racing fuel. RACE GAS ULTRA is specifically designed for the requirements of very high compression, forced induction, or nitrous oxide injected.
  3. Been turned on to Race Gas additives after Dragon Racing Fuel in my area became Outlaw and they no longer carry a product like this. This stuff works well and I mix it to boost the octane of pump gas when driving my car distances that are too far away from my 55 gallon drum at home.

Sunoco Race Fuels Leaded & Unleaded for Sale.

06.06.2018 · I use an additive when I do road racing because my stock Cat has given up misfire codes on what they say is 93 octane. I add a bit of Turco Accelerator when I run it hard at the track and sure enough no more chimes at about 150. It is always negative fun and annoying when your engine warnings start to chime at speeds most people would never dream of driving anyway because they think we are. Race-Gas Race Fuel Concentrate. That means you can take 93 octane pump gas and mix it up to 105, eliminating the need for distilled race fuel. There’s a mixing table on the back of the container that lets you tailor your octane what you need. You can mix Race Gas anywhere there’s a gas pump and it’s catalytic converter safe. To turn 93 octane gas into 98-99, which is ideal for my car, I have to use the entire 32 oz bottle. For Boostane, I only have to use 0.15 of a 32oz bottle. Race gas is also much more expensive per 32 oz bottle too. Boostane also has additives to stabilize the mixture. Race gas doesn't. The STP octane additive has a double-acting formula that increases the octane number of gas, contributes to the complete combustion of fuel, and also cleans the fuel supply system from contaminants. This is the best octane booster that doesn’t contain alcohol and does not adversely affect catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Regular use.

Octane Calculator Sometimes it is necessary to mix two different fuels to obtain the correct octane to maximize the performance of your race engine. How do you know how much of each to use? Try this octane calculator to reach your desired octane..Does octane booster work, the answer is now yes. No more expensive race gas, find out how much octane booster you need. No more expensive race gas, find out how much octane booster you need. The best octane booster available.Octane boosters, in general, have a limitation – they only work on fuel. To be able to raise the octane of the pump gas, you need something more. This is mostly a race car requirement as they have higher octane fuels which prevent the combustion from going out of hand at high performance levels. It generates octane ratings of 100 to 105 RON.

Race Gas Ultra Fuel Concentrate is specifically designed for the requirements of very high compression, boosted or nitrous engines. When mixed with pump gasoline, it will create racing fuel with octane between 108 and 112. It increases the octane, chemical oxygen and chemical energy of the fuel to equal commercially distilled racing fuel. So many times I’ve heard different opinions from various experts on which octane fuel makes the most power. According to Spec E30 rules, “Permitted fuel is unleaded pump gasoline, with a maximum octane of 93. Fuel must be from a mass-marketed supplier, e.g. BP, Sunoco, Exxon, or other independent mass marketer, e.g. track supplier or []. On a diet of 91-octane pump gas, the SR20DET engine consistently produces over 320 horsepower to the wheels. With the entrée switched out to some of VP Racing’s top racing gas blends, the same engine made over 90 more peak horsepower at the wheels. Understanding the science of race fuels will help you to pick the best blend for your vehicle.

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